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英语习语-身体部位类 [复制链接]

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a flea in one's ear 刺耳的话
bite one's tongue 隐忍不言
butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth    acting as if innocent;being insincere
button one's lip  不说话;保守秘密
cry one's eyes out 痛哭流涕
cut off one's nose to spite one's face 拿自己出气
down in the mouth 神色沮丧
feast one's eyes 大饱眼福
foam at the mouth 暴怒
gift of gab 伶牙俐齿
have a loose tongue 口无遮拦
have a word in one's ear 悄悄的说
have one's ear to the ground 注意周围的动静
have one's heart in one's mouth 提心吊胆
have sth coming out of ones's ear 多得不得了
in one's mind's eye 在想象中;在记忆中
in the twinkling of an eye 眨眼间
keep a stiff upper lip 遇到困难时坚定沉着
keep one's eyes skinned 保持警惕
keep one's nose clean    avoid getting into trouble or doing anthing illegal
keep one's nose to the grindstone 埋头苦干
laugh out of the other side of one's mouth 转喜为忧
lend an ear to someone 聆听
look down one's nose at 看不起;不放在眼里
make a pig's ear of sth 把事情办砸
make eyes at somebody 向某人抛媚眼
music to one's ears 好消息
no skin off one's nose 不影响某人
not bat an eyelid 不动声色
on the nose 恰好
on the tip of one's tongue 差一点说出;差一点记起
pay lip service to sth 嘴上说得好听
pay through the nose 付过高代价
prick uo one's ears 侧耳倾听
see eye to eye 意见一致
shoot one's mouth off 吹嘘;to tell secrets
smile ear to ear 笑得非常开心
stick in one's throat 难以说出口
stick one's nose in sth 管闲事;干预
throw dust in one's eyes 迷惑某人
tongue in cheek 无诚意地;粉刺地
turn a blind eye to sth 视而不见
turn a deaf ear to sth 充耳不闻
up to one's ears 深陷于
wet behind the ears 乳臭未干
win by a nose 险胜
with a jaundiced eye 有偏见的
with one's nose in the air 目中无人地

be rushed off one's feet 非常忙
bite the hand that feeds one 恩将仇报
bring someone to heel 使某人服从
burn one's fingers 管闲事或做投机买卖吃亏
chance one's arm 冒险一试
cool one's heels 久候
cost an arm and a leg 价格极其昂贵
down at heel 处境穷苦
elbow grease 苦干体力活
fall head over heels in love with someone 疯狂迷上某人
fall upon one's feet 化险为夷
feet of clay 大人物的致命弱点
foot the bill 买单
get one's feet wet 初次做某事;开始做某事
get the lead out (of one's feet)动作迅速
give someone a hand 帮助 a big hand 鼓掌
give someone a leg up 帮某人一把
grease one's palm 贿赂某人
hand in glove 密切合作;相互勾结
have cold feet 胆怯
have one's hands full 忙得不可开交
have the upper hand 处于有利位置
head and shoulders above 远远超过
hit the nai on the head 正中要害
hold ... at arm's length 与...保持距离
keep on one's toes  keep one attentive, active, busy, or alert
know ... like the back of one's hand 了如指掌
live from hand to mouth 仅能糊口
not have a leg to stand on 站不住脚
on one's last legs 垂死;疲惫不堪
pull one's leg 开玩笑
put one's best foot forward 快点走;全力以赴;留下好印象
put one's foot in one's mouth 讲话不得体
put one's shoulder to the wheel 全力以赴
rap someone over the knuckles 批评某人
rub shoulders with someone 与有钱人、名人接触、来往
shot in the arm 刺激物
show one's hand 摊牌
show the cloven foot 露马脚
step on one's toes 伤害某人
straight from the shoulder 直截了当地说
take to one's heels 跑开
throw in one's hand 放弃
thumb a lift 搭便车
thumb one's nose 蔑视
twist someone around one's little finger 控制某人
twist one's arm 强迫别人做不愿做的事
under one's thumb 受某人支配
work one's fingers to the bone 拼命工作

a pat on the back 表扬、赞许的话或动作
a slap in the face 羞辱;让人没面子的事情
all skin and bones 皮包骨的
bad blood 不好的情感
be glad to see the back of someone 希望摆脱某人
bone up on.. 刻苦用功读书
by a hair's breadth 险些...
cheek by jowl with   紧紧靠着地
come to a head 到关键时刻
cudgel one's brains 绞尽脑汁
eat one's heart out 悲痛欲绝;嫉妒
feel sth in one's bones 有强烈的直觉
fly in the face of 公然违抗
get it in the neck 受到惩罚
get one by the short hairs 使某人就范
get one's own back on someone 报复
get sth off one's chest 一吐为快
grit one's teeth 咬牙坚持
have a frog in one's throat 声音嘶哑
have a hunch 有预感
have egg on one's face 丢脸
have one's back to the wall 处境困难
have one's head in the clouds 想入非非
jump down one's throat 突然动怒;严厉斥责
jump out of one's skin 大吃一惊
keep a straight face 摆着脸
keep body and soul together 勉强糊口
keep one's head above water 避免陷入困境
long in tooth 上了年纪的
make a clean breast of sth 忏悔;招认
make no bones about sth 直言不讳
make old bones 长寿
make one's blood boil 使某人大发雷霆
make one's blood run cold 让人胆战心惊
make one's hair stand on end 让人毛骨悚然
neck or nothing 孤注一掷地
not turn a hair 毫不惊慌
off the top of one's head 毫无准备地
pain in the neck 令人讨厌的事或人
save one's skin 使安然无恙
set one's teeth one edge 使某人感动不舒服
split hairs 钻牛角尖
stab one in the back 暗算;背叛
stare someone in the face 就在眼前
take one's breath away 令人惊叹
take the bit between one's teeth 不受控制;下定决心做某事
tooth and nail 竭尽全力地
touch one's forelock 毕恭毕敬
turn one's back on someone 拒绝帮助;不理会
turn tail 掉头逃跑
until one is blue in the face 极尽努力
vent one's spleen 发泄怒气


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