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I'd prefer you not to make a habit of it. 我希望你不要习以为常。

I'm a creature of habit(= I have a fixed and regular way of doing things). 我这人做事总是凭习惯。

They waited for his habitual response. 他们等待着他的一贯反应。

Hail to the new champion Bengali D'Albret.     向新科冠军本·贾利·达阿尔布雷致敬。

It's about time you let your hair down and had some fun!     你该放松一下玩玩了!

‘Halt!’ the Major ordered(= used as a command to soldiers). “立定!”少校发出命令。

Her children can be a real handful.     她的孩子们有时很难管教。

This looks like the handiwork of an arsonist.     这看上去像是纵火犯干的。

We all have to learn to handle stress. 我们都得学会调节压力。

I've got to go. I can't handle it any more(= deal with a difficult situation). 我得走了。我已无计可施。

She's a difficult horse to handle. 她是匹桀骜不驯的马。

Oh, let's get two and hang the expense!     哎呀,我们买两份吧,管它多少钱!

He had hankered after fame all his life. 他一生追求名望。

Money does not always bring happiness.     金钱并不总是带来快乐。

The accident cast a blight on our happiness. 那场意外事故使我们的幸福生活蒙上了一层阴影。

The arsonist may harbour a grudge against the company. 纵火犯可能对公司怀恨在心。

I want us to play hardball on this issue. 我希望我们在这个问题上不手软。

hardball politics 强硬政治

a hardbitten war journalist     久经沙场的战地记者

In this job you have to harden your heart to pain and suffering. 做这项工作面对伤痛和病患时你得保持冷静心情。

Her face hardened into an expression of hatred. 她的脸沉下来,面带恨意。

Their suspicions hardened into certainty. 他们由怀疑变成肯定。

Sally sang the melody while I harmonized. 萨莉唱曲子,我配和声。

We don't want any (old) Tom, Dick and Harry using the club bar. 我们不能让随便什么人都来用俱乐部的酒吧。

We had to face up to the harsh realities of life sooner or later. 我们迟早都得正视生活的严酷现实。

Send them a fax─it's a lot less hassle than phoning.给他们发一份传真 这比打电话简单多了。

legal hassles法律程序的繁复

Do as you're told and don't give me any hassle!告诉你怎么做就怎么做,别跟我顶嘴!

Don't keep hassling me! I'll do it later.别老烦我!我稍后会做的。

He has been described as a ‘charmless bore’─not by me,I hasten to add. 他被说成是“无聊的啰唆鬼” 不是我说的,我赶忙加了一句。

I'm wearing two hats tonight─parent and teacher. 我今晚身兼两职 既是家长又是老师。

I'm telling you this with my lawyer's hat on, you understand. 你明白,我是以律师的身分告诉你这事。

Two newspapers did every effective hatchet job on the Prime Minister's achievements. 有两家报纸对首相的成就极尽诋毁之能事。

I think you should bury the hatchet and invite them to spend Christmas with you as you used to. It is supposed to be the season of peace and good will after all. 我认为你们应该和解,像往常一样邀请他们来与你共度圣诞节。毕竟,现在应该是和平与衷心祝福的时候。

It's going to be a long haul till you're fit again(= it will take a long time). 你得过很长时间才能恢复健康。

That decision came back to haunt him in later life.     那次决定使他后半生想起来一直觉得不安。

The memory of that day still haunts me. 我的脑海中常常回想起那天的情景。

For years she was haunted by guilt. 多年来她一直感到愧疚。

Is this one of your usual haunts? 这是你常去的地方之一吗?

I'm sick of your rudeness─I won't have it any longer! 你的无礼我已经受够了 我不会再容忍下去了!

We can't have people arriving late all the time. 我们不能允许有人总是迟到。

I'm afraid you've been had.     恐怕你上当了。

I kissed my first woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day; I have never haven time for tobacco since. 我在第一次吻女人的同一天里第一次抽烟,以后就再也没空抽烟丝啦。

I adviced him to make hay while the sun shone. 我劝他抓紧时机。

Searching for one man in this big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 在这座大城市里寻找一个人犹如大海捞针。

After that, things started to go haywire. 此后事情开始失去控制。

I would hazard a guess that they'll do fairly well in the next election... 我斗胆猜测,他们在下一轮竞选中会有不错的表现。

His eyes hazed when he thought of her. 他想起她来时,眼前一片模糊。

My mind was in a complete haze. 我完全糊涂了。

What a nice dog─is it a he or a she? 多好的狗 它是公的还是母的?

a he-goat 一头公山羊

He who(= anyone who)hesitates is lost. 机会稍纵即逝。

She always has her head in a book(= is always reading). 她总是埋头读书。

I sometimes wonder what goes on in that head of yours. 我有时不明白你脑子里想些什么。

I wish you'd use your head(= think carefully before doing or saying something). 我希望你凡事多用用脑筋。

The thought never entered my head. 我从未有过那种想法。

I can't work it out in my head─I need a calculator. 我没法心算出来 我得用计算器。

I can't get that tune out of my head. 我忘不掉那个曲调。

When will you get it into your head(= understand)that I don't want to discuss this any more! 你何时才能明白我不想再谈论这件事了!

Who's been putting such weird ideas into your head(= making you believe that)? 是谁让你产生这种怪念头的?

Try to put the exams out of your head(= stop thinking about them)for tonight. 今晚尽量别想考试的事了。

They finished the season at the head of their league.  赛季结束时他们在联赛中排名榜首。

The President sat at the head of the table. 总统坐在桌子的上首。

Where are we heading? 我们要往哪儿去?

Let's head back home. 咱们回家吧。

Italy heads the table after two games. 两场比赛之后意大利队排名榜首。

The chapter was headed ‘My Early Life’. 这一章的标题是“我的早年生活”。

Walsh headed the ball into an empty goal. 沃尔什把球顶进了空门。


The story was headlined ‘Back to the future.’  报道的标题是“回到未来”。

They ran the story under the headline ‘Home at last!’. 报纸刊登这个报道的大标题为“终于回家了!”。

We are making little headway with the negotiations. 我们在谈判中没有取得什么进展。

the heady days of youth 令人陶醉的年轻时代

a heady mixture of desire and fear 既期待又害怕的复杂心情

House-buying is like drinking wine─it can be heady stuff. 买房子如同喝酒 它会使人头脑发热。

Two newspapers did every effective hatchet job on the Prime Minister's achievements. 有两家报纸对首相的成就极尽诋毁之能事。

Time heals most troubles. 时间会消除痛苦。

The breach between them never really healed. 他们之间的裂痕从来没有真正弥合。

He has a bee in his bonnet about health foods. 他对于保健食品有他自己的一套奇怪的看法。
PHRASE 痴迷于…;对…念念不忘 If you have a bee in your bonnet about something, you are so enthusiastic or worried about it that you keep mentioning it or thinking about it.

As long as you have your health, nothing else matters. 只要身体健康,其他任何事都无关紧要。

It's not healthy the way she clings to the past. 她那种沉湎于过去的态度不明智。

He always looks harassed. 他老是愁眉苦脸。

Be quiet─I can't hear myself think!(= it is so noisy that I can't think clearly) 安静点 我都给吵昏头了!

I hear what you're saying(= I have listened to your opinion), but you're wrong. 我已经听到你的意见了,但你错了。

The appeal was heard in private. 这件上诉案不公开审理。

His views may be unfashionable but he deserves a hearing. 他的观点可能不合潮流,但他应该有机会解释。

We can't make a decision based on hearsay and guesswork. 我们不能根据传言和猜测作决定。

Judgment should be based on facts, not on hearsay. 判断应该以事实为依据,而不应该依靠道听途说。

Her novels tend to deal with affairs of the heart. 她的小说往往是有关爱情故事的。

The story captured the hearts and minds of a generation. 这部小说准确地传达了一代人的感情和思想。

The distinction between right and wrong lies at the heart of all questions of morality. 是非界限是所有道德问题的核心。

Hearts is/are trumps. 红桃是主。

a longing for hearth and home     对温暖家庭的渴望

I wish to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you again. 我借此机会再一次地向大家表示衷心的感谢。

Heat rises. 热空气向上升。

In the heat of the moment she forgot what she wanted to say(= because she was so angry or excited). 她因为过于激动而忘记了要说的话。

In the heat of the argument he said a lot of things he regretted later. 他在激烈争吵时说了许多他后来感到后悔的话。

‘No, I won't,’ he said with heat in his voice. “不,我绝不。”他怒气冲冲地说。

Can she take the heat of this level of competition? 她承受得了比赛到这个阶段的压力吗?

She won her heat. 她在预赛中获胜。

We all heaved a sigh of relief.     我们都如释重负地舒了一口气。

The thought of it makes me heave.     一想到那事我就恶心。

the steady heave of the sea     大海汹涌不断的波涛

Four tall trees stretched up to the heavens.     四棵大树参天而立。

It was the will of Heaven.     那是天意。

This isn't exactly my idea of heaven! 这可不太像我所想像的那么美妙!

The island is truly a heaven on earth. 那座岛屿堪称人间天堂。






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We don't want any (old) Tom, Dick and Harry using the club bar.
和I adviced him to make hay while the sun shone.
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mm34n: We don't want any (old) Tom, Dick and Harry using the club bar.
和I adviced him to make hay while the sun shone.
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