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We've had to put our plans on ice for the time being.     我们不得不把计划暂时搁置。

His excuses cut no ice with me.     他的申辩丝毫不能说服我。

The major purpose of his trip was to break the ice, and his itinerary so far has been packed full. 他此行的主要目的是打破僵局,目前的行程已经排满。

I had skated on thin ice and, so far, got away with it.     我曾经冒过很大风险,但目前为止侥幸没事

Over 100 burglaries are reported every month,and that's just the tip of the iceberg.     每月报案的入室盗窃案超过百起,而这只不过是冰山一角。

The basic car is adequate and the special wheel trims and two-tone paintwork are just icing on the cake. 一般的汽车就能满足需要,特殊车轮的装饰物和双色调漆只是不必要的点缀品而已。

It might be an idea(= it would be sensible)to try again later. 稍后再试或许是明智的。

We've been toying with the idea of(= thinking about)getting a dog. 我们一直有意无意地想着弄条狗。

It seemed like a good idea at the time, and then it all went horribly wrong. 那在当时似乎是个好主意,但后来却铸成大错。

I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea(= getting the wrong impression about something). 我不希望任何人有所误会。

An evening at home watching TV is not my idea of a good time. 晚上呆在家里看电视,我不认为是什么赏心乐事。

He has some very strange ideas about education.     他对教育有些非常奇怪的看法。

What gave you the idea that he'd be here? 是什么让你想到他会来这里?

What's the idea of all this? 这一切都是为了什么?

political ideals 政治理想

She found it hard to live up to his high ideals. 她觉得很难做到他的高标准要求。

It's my ideal of what a family home should be.     这是我心目中完美的家庭住宅。

We do not live in an ideal world.   我们并非生活在完美的世界里。

Idealism has no place in modern politics. 理想主义在当今政治环境中行不通。

It is tempting to idealize the past. 人都爱把过去的日子说得那么美好。

her emotional identification with the play's heroine 她与剧中女主人公在情感上的共鸣

their increasing identification with the struggle for independence 他们对争取独立的斗争越来越大的支持

the voters' identification of the Democrats with high taxes     选民把民主党和高税收画上等号

The two pictures are similar, although not identical. 这两幅画很相似,虽然不完全相同。

First of all we must identify the problem areas. 首先我们必须找出问题所在。

They are trying to identify what is wrong with the present system. 他们正试图弄清现行制度的弊端所在。

In many cases, the clothes people wear identify them as belonging to a particular social class.     很多情况下,人们的穿着显示出他们的社会阶级。

She would only play a role if she could identify with the character.    她只愿扮演她能认同的角色。

She hates playing the sweet, passive women that audiences identify her with. 她讨厌扮演那些漂亮可爱、消极被动的女人,观众们已把她定型为这类角色。

I found it hard to identify with any of the characters in the film. 我对这部影片里的任何角色都难以认同。

One can not identify happiness with wealth. 幸福和财富不能混为一谈。

She went through an identity crisis in her teens(= was not sure of who she was or of her place in society). 她在十多岁时经历了一次自我认同的危机。

a sense of national/cultural/personal/group identity 民族╱文化╱个人╱群体特性的认同感

a plan to strengthen the corporate identity of the company 加强公司的企业形象的计划

There's a close identity between fans and their team. 球迷和他们的球队之间有密切的同一性。

The ideological divisions between the parties aren't always obvious. 政党之间的意识形态界线并不总是泾渭分明的。

"To pull a face" is an idiomatic expression. "To pull a face""愁眉苦脸"是一个习惯表达法。

He speaks idiomatic English. 他说道地的英语。

One of her little idiosyncrasies is always washing in cold water.     她有个怪习惯,就是洗什麽都爱用冷水。

Wearing a raincoat, even on a hot day, is one of her idiosyncrasies. 即使在大热天也穿着雨衣是她的怪处之一。

It was just an idle threat(= not serious). 那只不过是吓唬吓唬而已。

It is idle to pretend that their marriage is a success. 佯称他们的婚姻有多美满是无意义的。

The cowboy lives an idle life. 牛仔过着悠闲的生活。

We can't afford to have all this expensive machinery lying idle. 让所有这些机器闲置着,我们可负担不起损失。

Don't make an idol of money. 不要崇拜财富。

He is an only child, and the idol of his parents. 他是个独子,是他父母的宠儿。

Superstition, idolatry, and hypocrisy have ample wages, but truth goes a begging.     迷信、愚昧和虚伪具有腰缠万贯,但真理一直是一个乞丐。

Their affection for her soon increased almost to idolatry.     他们对她的喜爱不久就发展到了盲目崇拜的地步。

The cottage sounds idyllic. 小屋看来恬静宜人。

There are still a lot of ifs and buts before everything's settled. 在一切得以解决之前还有很多不定因素。

We'll only do it once─if at all. 我们就是干也只会干一次。

He's a good driver, if a little over-confident. 他是个好司机,虽然有点过于自信。

His words ignited their anger. 他的话引发了他们的怒火。

Tempers ignited when the whole family spent Christmas together. 全家凑到一起度圣诞节,大家心里都十分激动。

Knowledge makes humble; ignorance makes proud. [谚]知识使人谦虚,无知使人骄傲。

Pleading ignorance of the law won't help you if you are caught. 假若因犯法被抓住,藉口不知是犯法亦无济於事。

She was kept in ignorance of her husband's activities. 关于丈夫的活动,她一直蒙在鼓里。

I'm ignorant of his plan. 我对他的计划一无所知。

a rude, ignorant person     粗鲁无礼的人

The wisest course would be to ignore it. 上上策是不予理睬。

He's his own man, but he doesn't ignore advice. 他虽然自有主张,但并不轻视别人的意见。

Superstition, idolatry, and hypocrisy have ample wages, but truth goes a begging.     迷信、愚昧和虚伪具有腰缠万贯,但真理一直是一个乞丐。

Knowledge makes humble; ignorance makes proud. [谚]知识使人谦虚,无知使人骄傲。

It is tempting to idealize the past. 人都爱把过去的日子说得那么美好。

He resigned because of ill health(= he was often ill). 他因健康状况不佳而辞职。

She suffered no ill effects from the experience. 这次经历没有使她受到不良影响。

a woman of ill repute(= considered to be immoral) 名声不好的女人

a bird of ill omen     不祥之鸟

We're wasting valuable time, time we can ill afford.     我们是在浪费宝贵的时间,我们浪费不起的时间。
PHRASE 承受不起;负担不起 If you say that someone can ill afford to do something, or can ill afford something, you mean that they must prevent it from happening because it would be harmful or embarrassing to them.)

the ills of the modern world 现代世界的弊端

I may not like him, but I wish him no ill.     我可能不喜欢他,但我并不希望他倒运。

You should not speak ill of your friend. 你不应该说你朋友的坏话。

You must be an illiterate if you've never heard of Marx. 要是连马克思也没听说过,那你一定是个文盲。

Worry and illness had made him prematurely old. 他心事重重、 疾病缠身,落得个未老先衰。

A sudden smile illuminated her face. 突然的微笑使她容光焕发。

He could no longer distinguish between illusion and reality. 他再也分不清幻想与现实之间的区别了。

I have no illusions about her feelings for me(= I know the truth is that she does not love me). 我对她跟我的感情不抱什么幻想。

The idea of absolute personal freedom is an illusion. 绝对个人自由的观念是一种幻想。

To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story. 为了说明我的观点,让我来给你们讲个小故事。

Let me,by way of illustration, quote from one of her poems. 作为说明,让我援引她的一首诗。

The old illustrator never let his pupils fall for the pathetic fallacy, that empty barrels are lonely.     这位年老的插图画家从不让他的学生受到万物有情谬想的感染,认为空桶是孤独的。

He's the spitting image of his father.     他酷似他父亲。

She is the express image of her mother. 她和她母亲长得一模一样。

Use your imagination!(= used to tell somebody that they will have to guess the answer to the question they have asked you, usually because it is obvious or embarrassing) 你自己动动脑筋嘛!

She was no longer able to distinguish between imagination and reality. 她再也不能分清幻想和现实了。

Is it my imagination or have you lost a lot of weight? 是我的错觉,还是你确实瘦了许多?

It doesn't take much imagination to guess what she meant. 不难猜出她的意思。

Don't let your imagination run away with you(= don't use too much imagination). 不要一味凭空想像。

The new policies appear to have caught the imagination of the public(= they find them interesting and exciting). 新出台的政策似乎恰恰投合了公众的喜好。

Nobody hates you─it's all in your imagination. 没人讨厌你 都是你在胡思乱想。

I had imagined her to be older than that. 我本来以为她的年龄还要大一些。

I can just imagine him saying that! 我确实能想到他那么说!

He's always imagining (that) we're talking about him behind his back. 他总是胡乱猜想我们在背后说他的闲话。

I don't imagine (that) they'll refuse. 我认为他们不会拒绝。

I can't imagine that anyone cares what I do. 我想不出谁会关心我的所作所为。

I always imbibe fresh air in the woods. 我经常在树林里呼吸新鲜空气。

Art imitates Nature. 艺术是对大自然的仿制。

It is immaterial to me whether he stays or goes. 他的去留与我无关。

The body is material but the soul is immaterial. 躯体是有形的,而灵魂是无形的。

He pretends he's been around but he's really very immature. 他装作老于世故,而实际上却很不成熟。

Our immediate concern is to help the families of those who died. 我们的当务之急是帮助那些死者的亲属。

in the immediate vicinity 近在咫尺

The prospects for the immediate future are good. 短期内前景乐观。

my immediate predecessor in the job(= the person who had the job just before me) 我的职位的前一任

The immediate cause of death is unknown.     造成死亡的直接原因不明。

She immersed herself in her work. 她埋头工作。

Clare and Phil were immersed in conversation in the corner. 克莱尔和菲尔在角落里深谈。

My family and I are planning to immigrate to America next year. I have so many questions. Can you help me? 我的家人和我打算明年移民到美国,我有很多问题,你能帮我忙吗?

No one has given out a warning of the imminent danger. 没有人对即将发生的危险发出警告。

There's nothing immoral about wanting to earn more money. 想多赚点钱没什么不道德。

In the immortal words of Henry Ford, ‘If it ain't broke, don't fix it.’ 按照亨利 福特的不朽名言:“如果东西没坏掉,就不要去修理它。”

You'll eventually become immune to criticism.     你终究会变得不在乎批评了。

No one should be immune from prosecution. 任何人都不应免于被起诉。

Her speech made a profound impact on everyone. 她的讲话对每个人都有深远的影响。

Her father's death impacted greatly on her childhood years. 父亲去世对她的童年造成巨大影响。

As chairman, I must remain impartial. 作为主席,我必须保持中立。

Negotiations have reached an impasse. 谈判已陷入僵局。

She was clearly impatient to leave. 她显然是迫不及待地想离开。

impeccable manners/taste/credentials 完美的举止╱品味╱资格

He was proud of his impeccable pedigree. 他为他出身于名门望族而骄傲。

Mr. Gorbachev, on the other hand, recognized that his sluggish and authoritarian bureaucracy was the worst impediment to modernization. That is why the Soviet leader came more quickly to the view that political and economic change must go hand in hand.    在另一方面,戈尔巴乔夫承认,他的既迂腐又专权的官僚政府是现代化最大的阻碍。因此这位苏联领袖迅速意识到,政治与经济改革必须齐头并进。

There are various reasons that impel me to that conclusion. 有各种原因促使我做出那个结论。

Impelled by feelings of guilt, John wrote to apologize. 约翰有感愧疚,於是写信道歉。

The danger is impending over us. 危险就在我们面前。

an impenetrable mystery 不解之谜

Prompt action is imperative. 果断的行动是必要的。

In ‘while I was washing my hair’, the verb is in the imperfect.     while I was washing my hair 中的动词是过去未完成时。

He had only an imperfect understanding of his task. 他对自己的任务只是一知半解。

A unit of weight in the British Imperial System equal to 112 pounds (50.80 kilograms). 英担英国的法定重量单位,相当于112磅(50.80公斤)。

The time has come to abandon the romantic view of Imperial history. 现在已经到了抛弃帝国历史的幻想的时候了。

Down with imperialism! 打倒帝国主义!

Gone forever are the days when imperialist powers could do anything they liked in China. 帝国主义国家在中国为所欲为的日子已经一去不复返了。

All the efforts made by the imperialists to save the puppet regime went for nothing. 帝国主义者为了挽救那傀儡政权所花的一切力气都白费了。

an imperious gesture/voice/command     盛气凌人的姿势╱语调╱命令

Business letters need not be formal and impersonal. 商业信函不一定就得刻板而缺乏人情味。

They do a pretty good job of impersonating Laurel and Hardy. 他们扮演劳莱和哈代很成功。

Would it be impertinent to ask why you're leaving? 问一下你为什么要离开不知是否唐突?

It would be foolish and impetuous to resign over such a trivial matter. 为这样的小事辞职未免愚蠢而轻率。

Do not impinge on my privacy. 不要侵犯我的隐私

He never allowed his work to impinge on his private life.     他从不让他的工作妨碍私生活。

Will an impious Christian be punished by God? 不虔诚的基督徒会受上帝惩罚吗?

Sacrifice, patience, understanding and implacable purpose may be our lots for years to come. 接下来的几年,我们需要牺牲、耐心、理解和不达目的誓不罢休的决心。

She is implacable an adversary as a wife suing for alimony. 有如诉讼要求赡养费的妻子一样,她是个难以折衷的对手。

Milton implanted in his daughters a great fear of, if not respect for, their father. 密尔顿对他女儿们灌输的思想不是尊父,就是惧父。

Prejudices can easily become implanted in the mind.     偏见容易在头脑中扎根。

He criticized the Director and,by implication, the whole of the organization. 他抨击主管,其实是间接批评了整个机构。

The implication in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation. 他那篇文章的含意是,当家庭主妇远远不如所有其他职业。

Implicit in his speech was the assumption that they were guilty. 他话语中的言外之意是设定他们有罪。

The ability to listen is implicit in the teacher's role.     教师的角色包括了懂得倾听。

She had the implicit trust of her staff.     她得到了全体职员的绝对信任。

She implored him to stay. 她恳求他留下。

His silence implied agreement. 他沉默不语意味着同意了。

think freedom does imply responsibility. 我认为自由一定包含着责任。

It is difficult to understand the full import of this statement.     很难理解这份声明中的全部含意。

He likes to feel important. 他喜欢自己很重要的感觉。

It was noticeable how a few people managed to impose their will on the others. 显而易见,有少数几个人总能设法把自己的意志强加于别人。

Everyone imposes on Dave's good nature. 大家都欺负戴夫脾气好。

‘You must stay for lunch.’ ‘Well, thanks, but I don't want to impose…’ “你一定得留下吃午饭。”“唔,谢谢,但我不想添麻烦…”

European civilization was the first to impose itself across the whole world.     欧洲文明是最先传扬到全世界的。

I'd like to stay if it's not too much of an imposition.     如果不会给您增添太多麻烦,我倒愿意留下。






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